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Droviga Digital Content practice

Droviga is one of the leading service provider in digital content management space. Droviga enables your organisation to manage digital content lifecycle from injection to destruction seamlessly.

Web content management

Droviga WCM solutions gives your organization even greater control over its web content management system and the processes and assets that are needed to compete in global markets. Improved quality control and extended access to valuable corporate assets transforms content into superior customer experiences, faster, easier and cheaper.

Droviga WCM Solution provides unique opportunities to coordinate all communications through many different channels, across Web sites and different countries. Droviga solution benefit from integrated content management capabilities. Because all content is stored and managed from a single content repository, organizations can ensure consistent messaging and branding across multiple channels. Further, solution enable marketers, technical staff, and corporate communicators to collaborate using efficient processes.

Multi-channel marketing provides unique opportunities to tailor content for specific target audiences and to measure the effectiveness of their marketing strategy. Droviga solution provides organizations with the ability to continually improve their messages in all channels by providing measurement tools that indicate the effectiveness of their messages and approach.

Product Specialisations

  • SDL Tridion
  • Oracle webcenter
  • Microsoft SharePoint

Enterprise Content management

Droviga ECM solution

  • Offers enterprise-level scalability and flexibility to handle the most demanding content challenges, the most complex business processes, and integration to all existing systems
  • Provides advanced security, comprehensive auditing, lifecycle management, and records management capabilities to stay in compliance with existing and new regulations
  • Manages a full range of structured and unstructured data, business critical information, and processes securely and reliably
  • Unique and powerful capability to make content “active.” Active Content allows the content infrastructure to respond immediately to changing business needs. Business transactions can trigger content actions, thereby increasing the overall responsiveness and agility of business operations.
  • Provides a full range of Java, .NET, and XML Web Services APIs to support companies creating J2EE and .NET applications.
  • Maximizes the existing IT investments companies have made by working with industry leading clustering/high availability software, databases, desktop applications, development environments, disaster recovery products/providers, file systems, firewalls, hardware, J2EE application servers, LDAP directory servers, Supports load balancing products, messaging and middleware technologies, operating systems, portals, reporting tools, rules engines, system monitoring tools and storage technologies.

Product Specialisations

  • Filenet P8
  • Alfresco
  • Microsoft SharePoint