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Droviga Inc. (“Company”) is a software development and technology solutions company based in California, USA. The Company was started in 2017 with a singular focus on developing enterprise software solutions that manage pricing, incentive, rebate, royalty and channel programs to enhance business performance while reducing labor and infrastructure costs. As business becomes increasingly global and interconnected, companies are challenged with executing go-to-market programs that drive customer traction and revenue while controlling costs and minimizing revenue leakage. Our end to end solutions are designed to address these key issues while empowering enterprises with unprecedented visibility into go-to-market program performance and deeper insights to better enable fact based decisions.

The Company’s founders have deep expertise and a differentiated capability in developing this innovative solution based on their prior consulting experience implementing custom solutions that address similar issues at different organizations. The founding team is comprised of senior leaders who have spent several years at Oracle Technologies, a leading public software company in Silicon Valley, developing key enterprise software solutions.

Droviga is a full service enterprise software company that offers customers cloud based enterprise software solutions that focus on channel revenue management. In addition, we provide customers with professional services that enable them to derive better value from our software solutions.

At Droviga, our success is governed by our client’s experience with us. When we take you on as a client, you become a full-time job for our team members on the account. It is because of our limited size that we are able to take the time to listen to your needs and craft out-of-the-box solutions that provide you with exactly what you need. Even after implementation, we are there for you to ensure that you achieve your strategic goals.

Our Core Values

At Droviga, our core purpose is to experience the satisfaction of helping our clients achieve their goals through better decision-making. In order to make this happen, every member of our team focuses on the following core values:

  • Integrity, honesty and respect above all
  • Results and accountability
  • Contributing value to client and team
  • Driving change through leadership and excellence
Value Based Engagement

At Droviga, value based engagement drives everything. Our value based engagement is driven by three core phases:


  • Analyze business challenges
  • Review end market dynamics
  • Assess IT readiness
  • Review team and org issues


  • Use the right technologies based on our experience - right hammer for the right nail
  • Deliver the right team for the project - domain experts, technology and functional experts, project managers
  • Establish the right SLA and SOW


  • Time-to-value
  • Roll-out on time and within budget, always
  • Ongoing change management and performance improvement